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my english is bad but I want to know this

I reading this book in chapter


and meet this error

1. Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'StoryboardCtrl' is not a function, got undefined

this error should be didn't load module in index.html <script> ?

I cannot find file or source common, dashboard, login, storyboard, user

2. how can I loade this modules?

how can load this modules ? (just typing completed source?)

It is difficult to me that just following making angello

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Help me 2
--UPDATE -- I finally was able to start a new topic, but it seems impossible to delete this (((. Sorry for duplicating.

I am sorry I'm replying to this post instead of creating a new one, but the system strangely enough doesn't allow me to start a new thread.

I've spent the whole day trying to make angello running with firebase (I've also tried to launch it with node, but I found it even more perplexed). I did the following steps:
1) registered a new project on firebase.com.
2) in the 'Auth' tab enabled email/password sign-in method.
3) modified the path in EndpointConfigService.js (endpointMap, line 7) to https://my_application_name.firebaseio.com/'
4) registered a new account on auth0.com and modified lines 65 and 66 in Angello.js accordingly.
5) installed serve module for node to be able to launch the application.

Now, when I am launching the application (localhost:3000) I am unable to create a new account / go to the application. It just hangs up and waits for something. If I open up the console, that's what I see (file attached). I'm definitely missing something but I can't even figure out where to look for the fix....

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My website was built with Angular JS 1 . I need all the pages will crawl Google?
My website was built with Angular JS 1 (not a wordpress site). When i posted some website posts within same day. So ,When ever i checked my website on Google SERP (site:example.com),identified some of pages are crawled within 24hrs and some of pages within 1 week and some of pages with in 1 month and some of pages not cralwed . My Question is why this was happened?