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Normen (35) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, will there be a lesson on monad transformers?
Will Kurt (21) [Avatar] Offline
The honest answer at this point is "I don't know". I've added and removed Monad Transformers from the TOC at least twice at this point in the progress of the book. The really tricky part of writing a "beginner" Haskell book is scope. Haskell is such a rich language that it is impossible to cover it all in a reasonable number of pages.

My goal is that anyone who reads this book will be able to easily read more advanced Haskell materials in the wild and perform most everyday programming tasks in Haskell. Essentially when you've finished this you should be confident enough in Haskell and think enough like a Haskeller that you can grow on your own, and not be frustrated doing so.

Whether or not coverage of Monad Transformers is vital to this goal should become more clear with reader feedback and as I develop the more practical sections in Unit 6. What I ideally want is to add/modify one of the unit 6 lessons so that it uses Monad Transformers in a way that makes them obvious from the point of being practically useful.