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Ludovic Kuty (6) [Avatar] Offline
Just a few ideas...
IMHO, I would suggest using Stack and Stackage instead of the Haskell Platform as Stack looks like the new way of installing stuff these days with Haskell. You might want to use Stack out of the context of any project at the beginning of the book. Also some infos about Hackage, Stackage, Stack, Cabal, ... without great details could be interesting at the beginning to be able to make sense of the Haskell ecosystem.

BTW, it is always a good idea to write a book about Haskell and FP but I would stress the idea of clearly stating its position (advantages) amongst the various books we can already find on the subject : LYAH, Bird's books,, Real World Haskell. In short , give the reader an answer to the question "why another book ?".
Will Kurt (21) [Avatar] Offline
Using Stack has probably been the number one request we've gotten from feedback so it is looking very likely that I'll be restructuring things to include it. The ToC is always evolving so definitely expect changes to Unit 5 as I get closer (Lesson 0 would very likely get a rewrite based on those changes). I've definitely been working to make sure the reader is aware of the Haskell ecosystem to help them get information as they go, so I'm always up for recommendations on how to improve this.

Thanks so much for your feedback! The best part about the MEAP is getting ideas for improvement before the book is actually done.