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Hello Steve

Probably you don't use electron on windows, but I found a very easy way to compile electron using gulp with a custom script instaaller.

Let me know if you want to know about it.


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Hi Erick!

The book will support Windows along with macOS. When they differ, I'll show screen shots from both operating system. When they're the same, I'll typically show a screen shot from macOS as that's where I'm writing typically.

We're using electron-prebuilt for the majority of the book, but I'd love to see your Gulp task. Send it along to hello@stevekinney.net!
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A minor difference in a Windows environment is that the statement at the top of page 23

But if you look closely you’ll see that there is a new application in your dock or task bar. It’s
the Electron application we just set up.

is not quite accurate, at least in Win 10 no icon is added to the taskbar, but as you add the first few lines of code to main.js, you discover that the console you are in is the parent process and the console.log(..) statement does indeed print to this command window as you'd expect.