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Will there be a new edition of Elixir in Action?
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I certainly hope a new edition will happen at some point, but didn't discuss it with Manning yet.

I'm not sure if you're asking for updates related to the new version of Elixir, or have something else in mind? If former, then I'd like to point out that the book is in my opinion still very much up to date, with only a few changes needed. I've described the consequences of the new Elixir version on the book here. The most important one is that you should use Map instead of HashDict, since maps are now more performant. The API of Map is the same, so just replacing HashDict with Map will work. You can find the updated code samples in a dedicated repo branch.

So given that the biggest change is in fact quite simple, and that there aren't many other things I'd need to change in the book, I'm not certain the new edition is needed at the moment. I didn't check with Manning, but my guess is that a new edition would require a full (or at least a partial) release cycle, including reviewing, grammar/spelling checks, code proofing, so I'd like to do that when some more substantial changes are introduced to Elixir and/or Erlang.

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Thanks Saša,
I asked because as you've probably seen, Dave Thomas put out an updated edition