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Guruprasad B.R. (15) [Avatar] Offline

Which version of Python is preferred for running the sample codes?

In python version 2.7, the below lines fail to execute...

  • cat_data = array(['male', 'female', 'male', 'male', 'female', 'male', 'female', 'female'])

  • categories = unique(data)

  • features["sqrt_Fare"] = sqrt(data["Fare"])

  • i think it will be good if code samples are embedded into the respective chapters along with all relevant 'import' statements mentioned in it.

    henrik.brink (22) [Avatar] Offline

    That example assumes that you've imported everything from pylab:

    from pylab import *

    If you use ipython, you can get all of this with this line instead:

    %pylab inline

    Take a look at the examples in our Github repo for more detailed usage:

    Hope that helps! Otherwise, please copy/paste the error message in here so I can understand it further.

    - Henrik
    Guruprasad B.R. (15) [Avatar] Offline
    the sample code works with this line included:

    from pylab import *

    Thanks for the clarification and the quick response.