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I downloaded the VM image provided on the book's site and got it running. I'm able to access the login page. However, none of the credentials suggested in the book seem to work -- demo/devstack or admin/devstack.

Any suggestions?

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Once you have started the services, you can do the following:

Logging into the VM:
VirtualBox attaches the VM to the NAT network in VirtualBox at VirtualBox then forwards several ports from the VM to the address (localhost). In order to get into the VM, I need to do the following:

Access to Dashboard
User: demo
password: devstack

In order to log into the VM via putty, here is the string:
ssh sysop@ -p 2222
password: u$osuser01

Log into the VM on VirtualBox console:
user: sysop
password: u$osuser01

If none of that works, services may be not loading, or failing, due to the restricted size of the VM. I set mine the following way:
vCPUs = <#number of actual threads on my physical machine [4, in my case]>
Memory = 16GB, I have 32GB of memory on my physical machine. I noticed that you need atleast 6GB of memory free on your physical machine in Win10 to run well and the rest can go towards the VM. in a 16GB physical, that would be 8 or 12GB of memory to the VM.
Note: Once up and running, the VM reported consuming close to 6GB of memory and the VM is configured for only 4GB out of the box. It may be worth it to bump it up to 8GB or more.
Did not mess with anything else.