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At the beginning of this section you have the following listing:

    IObservable<StockTick> ticks =
        Observable.FromEventPattern<EventHandler<StockTick>, StockTick>(//#A
                 h => ticker.StockTick += h, //#B
                 h => ticker.StockTick -= h) //#C

On the next page you state:

The ticks variable now holds an observable of type IObservable<EventPattern<StockTick>>.

This seems to contradict your original listing as to the type of ticks.

I also can't seem to find any references to the EventPattern<T> type. So I don't really understand what it is or the actual relationship between EventPattern and EventArgs. Can you add some explanation of what these things are and how they are used?

You say that the Rx handler "wraps the event-args and the event source into an object of EventPattern type." Are you equating the StockTick instance in this case as the event-args? Or is it something else? I can't tell from your listing on page 51.
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Hi Mark,
Thank you for your comment
This has been fixed some time ago.
As we move forward, we keep fixing and updating the chapters and not all changes are been uploaded to the MEAP immediately, sorry about that.
I'll make sure this fix will be added to the next MEAP release