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Say I have the cities.csv file and my html / d3 file in a folder. What do I use as a d3 statement to find that file and read it?

I was trying to use the file path.

The web inspector message is that "cities.csv" isn't found and that this method of referencing is only supported for html. What is the right syntax to access the data?

I've attached a screen shot of the Chrome developer tools looking at a simple attempt to load and view csv data.

I'd really appreciate a hand here!
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It looks to me as though you are not using a local server to provide the cities.csv file. As I understand it, modern browsers like Chrome prohibit a web page from reading local files in the user's file system.

You can either serve the data using a local server (like python's SimpleHTTPServer) which is the preferred way, I think. Or you can use a command line flag for Chrome which switches the protective mode off. Another way is to provide the data from cities.csv in your html file inside a <data> tag.

As I'm very new to web development I can't tell you see pros and cons of the various methods (other than that the command line flag method introduces a security hole to Chrome).
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Hi - thanks for this!

Can you tell me where I'd get information on the command line flag for Chrome and/or the python server?
Much appreciated.

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The python server comes with any standard installation of python.

Navigate to the folder containing your d3.js files and start the server via the command line: python -m SimpleHTTPServer
This is python 2.7, I think in python 3.x the name is not SimpleHTTPServer anymore.

The flag for allowing chrome to access the local filesystem is --allow-file-access-from-files
If you use the second option create a separate chrome launcher for learning d3, don't use this flag for general surfing on the internet, since it turns off a very basic safety feature.
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Thank you very much for your help on this. John