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387359 (1) [Avatar] Offline
For historical reason, Thrift uses the shared_ptr from Boost instead of C++ STL. It would be great to clarify:
1. Is the latest version of Thrift generated C++ code still depends on shared_ptr from Boost?
2. If still Boost, cite briefly about the historical reason. (e.g. thrift white pager 2007

Update: This is actually covered in section 11.1.1
randy.abernethy (17) [Avatar] Offline
Looks like you found the answer. Thrift has used boost::shared_ptr from the start. That said, the code base is beginning to switch to std::shared_ptr. Your client code should be largely unaffected and can use either ptr type internally. Of course if the version of the thrift compiler you use generates boost ptrs you will need to have boost headers installed, however the api for boost and std ptr is essentially identical, so you can write client code that does not care which specific type the idl compiler emits.