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I'm not a Python programmer, but use JavaScript and Node in my Ionic apps, so I'll be able to follow along more easily than if you had chosen a language I hadn't used before. I forget which Manning book it was, but one of them chose a language that was VERY different from anything I had used before, and I finally abandoned it because it was a hindrance from understanding the material.

Regarding the first chapter, it feels a little bit jumbled to me. I haven't sat down and really looked at it to give a more detailed explanation of what I mean, but I plan to. Part of the jumbledness may be that I read it in fits and starts (as I had 5 or 20 minutes to spare) rather than all in one pass.

When I have had a chance to look at it in more detail, I'll try to provide more actionable feedback.
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Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to hear more!

The purpose of the first chapter is to illustrate the all journey of the book, that is not just covering AWS Lambda as a technology, but to show hoe to build a complete event-driven serverless application, such as described by the media sharing example.
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Conceptual information is really, really important, so I'm glad you're taking the time to do this in the first chapter. I'm also reading Manning's Serverless MEAP, so I should have a good feel for concept by the time both are done and I've read both. smilie

I look forward to finishing the content you've written so far, and to getting more as they're done!