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I created an Omnigraffle stencil based on the appendix A of the book.

It's freely available here:


Happy hakking

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I wonder if Appendix A could be a little more complete or detailed (perhaps on a book website or github if updates are required).

Starting at Chapter 12, I see conventions in figures that are not represented in Appendix A, so I don't follow quite easily what the diagrams convey.

Of note is Figure 12.9 with a primordial creation (left and vertical) but with dashes as opposed to a solid line. I would like to know whether there's specific meaning to the dashes distinct from solid line and have that documented, if there's no difference then I'd suggest using solid line all the way in all figures. Similarly the digit labels on arrows suggest an ordering of events, so why do we see a 2 in a figure without a 1 (Figure 12.9)?

Finally, I'd like to know whether these diagrams are meant to be somewhat loosely precise (a la Gang of Four) or very very precise (e.g. Rational UML). Going forward, I'll assume it's rather loosely precise.
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Good point, Phil. The dashed line does not have special significance, it should be solid. My plan was to develop the diagrams into a very very precise tool, but unfortunately I have not yet had the time to finish this work. A good location for presenting the diagramming rules would be on reactivedesignpatterns.com.