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Friendly recommendation here: please look at what the authors of Ionic in Action did. They put their starting code on Github and you download that. Then you can either type in the code at each step or check out the update. You you are stepped through.

When presenting new code to be inserted you are saying "add this line after X line" and it is hard to understand where you are inserting it sometimes, i.e. your description is ambiguous. Other Manning books do something like:

This is code line 1
This is the inserted code
This is more inserted code

This is the line that originally followed line 1

Additionally the inserted code is subtly highlighted to indicate the insertion (rather than using italics). If you want to delete code, as you do at time, you could also do"

This is code line 1
This is code to be deleted
This is the next line of code

I don't know if you are waiting to do this at the end, but I suspect not, given that you are providing code locations for where to insert or delete.


Dale Hurtt
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Hi Dale,

Thanks for your suggestion, and apologies for the frustrations with the code samples. I'm currently updating the book to also cover Electron, and as part of the update I've been pushing the code up to this Github repository:


I will go going through the book to make sure that all weedy bits are knotted out.


Paul Jensen
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