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dhurtt (9) [Avatar] Offline
So, NW.JS no longer shows the toolbar as you show in Chapter 2. See ("toolbar is deprecated and it’s always false. The traditional toolbar will NOT be supported including the reload buttons, location bar and DevTools buttons. ") Even worse, the recommended workarounds (" As a workaround, you can open / close DevTools with F12 (Windows & Linux) or ?+?+i (Mac)") do not seem to work for me and remote debugging does not show anything.

Rather than using console.log() in the code in 2.4.2, is there some other way to output debugging statements to Terminal? I realize that means I cannot do an inspection per Figure 2.10, but right now I have nothing at all.

Given the deprecation of the toolbar functionality, it seems that you should re-write this section, because you reference it. I blew it off that Figure 2.2, showing the address bar, was not the same in my output, but now I see that it is central to how you are showing results.

Using Mac OSX Yosemite, latest Node, latest NWJS, etc.


Dale Hurtt
dhurtt (9) [Avatar] Offline
Devtools not automatically showing since NW.JS 0.13
So, I did a little more research and it appears that you should be installing the SDK Build Flavor to get the devtools to show. That means the install process is:

1. npm view nw versions
2. Find the latest stable version (no rc in the title, 0.13.4 at the time of this writing) and with "-sdk" at the end. For me that is "0.13.4-sdk".
3. Install that specific version with: npm install -g nw@0.13.4-sdk

Follow those instructions and your book's use of the devtools works. You still need to update your figures, and you need to state the method for invoking the devtools.


Dale Hurtt
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Dale,

Thanks for the heads up. When I wrote that chapter originally it was against 0.12, and 0.13 became a stable release last month. I will update that chapter to refer to 0.13 and make adjustments.


Paul Jensen
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Yep, 0.13 and 0.14 have made a lot of changes which is breaking the app sadly. I'm in the middle of adding content for Electron and updating the chapters.

I had a lovely version of Lorikeet working where the same code worked across both NW.js 0.12 and Electron 0.37, only differences being that for Electron there was an extra main.js file to handle loading the browser window with the index.html file in it, and the difference to the "main" property's value in the package.json file being "main.js" instead of "index.html".

NW.js 0.14 has ended up borking that example. I'm going to try and figure out how to get it working with 0.14, as I don't think that people want to read a book covering an outdated version of NW.js
dhurtt (9) [Avatar] Offline
Basically, your figures in the Hello World won't show what you discuss in the new v8 of the book. If you want to continue with NW.js you are going to have to deal with the SDK build flavor versus the default. In order to open devtools you will have to walk the reader through the SDK build flavor.

I feel your pain. This seems like a major enough shift from previous versions to no longer feel backward-compatible. I could not even get the app to build – at all – using the process in the v7 book.
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks. I've had to embark on quite a bit of rework to get the Lorikeet app to work with NW.js 0.14. The updated versions of Chapters 2 and 3 no longer refer to opening up the dev tools, that will be reserved for the chapter on debugging, and I'll be referencing the SDK there. Those chapter updates will hopefully be on MEAP soon.

In a way it's lucky that the book wasn't published yet because it would have missed those big changes made in 0.13/0.14
Pat Callahan (7) [Avatar] Offline
Depending on the release timeline for 1.0, things could be breaking changes to come. I couldn't find much info about a release plan for NW.js. Do you know of one?

In the book itself, or in material linked from the book, you may want to mention the situation between .13 and .14 as an example of what readers may face once the book comes out and give strategies for dealing with it.
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Pat,

As far as I know there isn't currently any feature roadmap for NW.JS - Roger says that at the moment it's hard to come up one with due to the challenge of combining Chromium and Node.js. Threads below:!topic/nwjs-general/jzu95HvIxAs

I definitely think that the change from 0.12 to 0.13/0.14 is worth mentioning - it is quite a big change for the software, and I believe with incorporating Chromium v50 in 0.14 they've effectively dropped support for Windows XP, which is still used in China. I will double-check that. The only question is where in the book to mention it.