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mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
There seems to be a problem with the ebook metadata. The value of the description (contained in the dc:description element in content.opf) reads simply "Summary". I would think that field should contain a description of the book.
mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
Hmm... After looking at some of my other Manning epub ebooks, this seems to be the case with a lot of newer releases. The older ones have descriptions, but the newer ones simply have the work "Summary" for the description.
Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline

Then it seems that this problem is not specific to the Spock book.
I will contact Manning and let them know.

mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
Yep, it definitely is not isolated to this one title. I looked through all of my Manning books (15 titles) and found the exact same problem (the description simply reads "Summary") in

  • Clojure in Action, second edition (December 2015)

  • Gnuplot in Action, second edition (March 2016)

  • Gradle In Action (February 2014)

  • Groovy in Action, second edition (June 2015)

  • Practical Data Science with R (March 2014)

  • R in Action, second edition (May 2015)

  • in addition to this title. So it seems that it is a problem with the recent development process, starting in 2014 or so. However, Java 8 in Action (August 2014) and Git in Practice (September 2014) do not have that problem, so it isn't everything in the same time frame as those, but other than those two exceptions, everything I have from 2014 or later has this problem and everything from before 2014 does not. I also found that the description in JUnit in Action, second edition (July 2010) is also messed up, but in this case isn't the same problem (it contains only the first half of one sentence in the description).

    I'm not sure how high of a priority Manning places on this sort of issue. It isn't critical for being able to read the epub, but it is nice to have the full metadata available in the file, including the book description.