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Posting here as this was a separate question, original here:

I really appreciate for your detailed reply

I followed the book step use "chapter 9" code to Start a secure WoT Pi server ,open https://raspberrypi.local:8484/?token=X and replace "X" with "My API Token",i see the root page of pi but

open the ui.html file and append “?token=X”(replace "X" with "My API Token") to the URL ,i did't see the WoT UI page which was automatically generated (like figure 10.2 left),"WoT UI" is in the

attachment displayed in my computer.

Thank you in advance
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Hi there,

The problem lies in line 23 of the code of UI.html, you need to make sure it looks for the right URL. We noticed that it was pointing to wot-pi.local instead of raspberrypi.local which explains the problem. Thanks for flagging this, we fixed it and pushed the code to Git. Make sure you get the latest version and test it again: it should work this time!

Let us know
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Thanks for your reply.
I use "hostname = localhost:8484 " in UI.html ,it works well.
thanks a lot!