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Reposting here as this is a separate question original post is here:

389102 wrote:I simulated a coap server in my computer and plugin copper in firefox ,i click "GET" but i didn't see any response from the browser(fig1) ,i can't get co2 value when i started wot-server(fig3 upper)

I simulated a coap server in raspberry pi 2 ,i didn't get any response about co2 value (fig2) ,i can get co2 value when i started wot-server(fig3 bottom) in chapter7.3

how should i simulate a coap server in computer and get response from copper?

thanks a lot!

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Issues with CoAP server

I tested on my Mac again and it does work fine (see screenshot). Which OS do you use?

I can see two possible causes:
1) Your firewall does not allow this port or UDP traffic (CoAP is using UDP unlike HTTP which is using TCP). I would check the configuration of your firewall or NAT boxes (give is a try with "localhost" if you run the CoAP server on the same machine as Copper.
2) You have an older version of the CoAP library (we also had problems previously). Try getting the latest code from the github repo and make sure you delete the
folder and run
npm install

Hope that helps, lets us know if not, we know the author of Copper so we'll contact him if you did not manage yet.
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Hi, thanks for your reply,

I run CoAP server in ubuntu as Copper

I try to delete node_modules and use npm install once again but still can't see co2 value(see coap.png & coap.png)

Thanks a lot!