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mirto (20) [Avatar] Offline
Using the image dockerinpractice/comcast the command
comcast -cont c1 -default-bw 50 -latency 100 -packet-loss 20%

(pag 206) gives an error on setting rules for the interfaces
This command gives an error:
sysop@k1510docker:~$ sudo tc qdisc add dev vethd7f2c73@if18 handle 10: root htb
Cannot find device "vethd7f2c73@if1"

Instead the correct command should be:
sudo tc qdisc add dev vethd7f2c73 handle 10: root htb

(without the @if18 suffix on the interface name)

I'm using:
kubuntu 15.10
Docker 1.10.3, build 20f81dd

Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for getting in touch and for the heads-up!

Unfortunately the book is literally about to go to press, but we will review this as part of any future update to the ebook (which will be made available to purchasers automatically). Docker is still moving quickly so we expect substantial revisions and new techniques in the not-too-distant future.

mirto (20) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks. I'll wait for the online updates