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ravenhunter (23) [Avatar] Offline
This may just be my install being weird, but when I tried to do the "wish" commands (on Windows 7), first, I didn't get a console or prompt. I figured I could type the commands in to the Git BASH window, and it seems to try interpreting them, but the first command returns the error 'invalid command name "button"'.

Not a major issue, but I'd like to see it in action if possible; if nothing else, being able to put together GUIs on the fly like that sounds like fun.
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for this question! I'm glad you think it's intriguing to explore on-the-fly UIs with Wish. Wish (and Tcl/Tk) is an older technology, so it can be picky getting it to work. I'm looking at Ruby Shoes these days for UI stuff.

If possible, please send a screen shot of the failing command. I'm not near my Windows 7 machine, but I'll reply soon once I've had a chance to refresh my steps. Also: what version of Git (Windows) did you install?
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
The picture below shows what Wish would look like when it is working. I wasn't clear that in Windows, the Console is separate from the window where you typed 'wish'. In the picture below, you would type listing 5.1 into this new Console window (marked with a red arrow, with the prompt '(Rick) 1 %').

I hope that clears things up. If you post a full screenshot (or send me one), I can try to help further! Good luck!

ravenhunter (23) [Avatar] Offline
I took a screen shot of it and attached it; as said, it only opens the wish window.

Additionally, my Git BASH doesn't show those headers, so I did a git version so you can see what version I have installed.

I don't remember where I downloaded this copy was either here: or here: I don't know if there's any difference between them.
rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
[ 183 bytes ]
Thanks for posting that screen shot. I was able to figure out a workaround, but you definitely identified a change.

You are using Git version 2.X, and I am using Git version 1.9. Given this big difference, I downloaded a new version of Git for WIndows from I installed it, started 'Git Bash', and I was able to see the same issue you were seeing: the Console window did not appear at all!

As a workaround, you could enter the the contents of listing 5.1 into a file named sample.tcl. (I've attached this.) If you give wish this file as an argument, the UI will appear. My session with this workaround looked like this:


I dug around further, however, and found that if you invoke wish from a DOS CMD window and the "C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin" directory (adjust to wherever you've installed Git for Windows), you will see the Console window. This session looked like this:


The difference between these two sessions is the Console. Git Bash uses mintty, and the DOS CMD window comes with Windows (and this is what was used in Git version 1.9).

Give these workarounds a try, and thanks for posting to the forums!