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Page 175. I don’t think the following statement is correct. “This doesn’t work as expected, because the value of now that the daily-report function sees isn’t “2009-10-22” but a number like 1259828075387.” In the context of (let [now “2009-10-22”] (daily-report now)), I don’t see why now will not evaluate to “2009-10-22.”

Since daily-report is a function, the arguments that are passed to the function will be evaluated, then, the function will be evaluated using the values of the arguments (consistent with #1 & #2 at the bottom of page 169). It seems that the only way that now will be an issue is if now is used in the function body (i.e. in the section that says “;; code to generate a report here” on page 175).

Great book!
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My apologies --- I should've posted this to the second edition version. I'll do that now.