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Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Please list errors found in the published version of Gnuplot in Action, Second Edition here. We'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
Manning Publications
mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
In the pseudofiles table (4.3) on page 71 of the final pdf, you have a footnote on the two pipe forms that these are only available on Unix-like platforms. As of version 5, these forms will happily work on windows as well. Note there is a bug in the Windows implementation with handling binary outputs, but this is being fixed.
JacquesLB (2) [Avatar] Offline
p 110, third bullet (middle of the page) should read:

'plot "data" u 1:2:($1-$5):($1+$5):3:4 w xyerrorl'

and not ($2-$5) and ($2+$5)

=> dx should be applied to the x column
425514 (7) [Avatar] Offline
page C12, the word contourv should be contour
carminat (49) [Avatar] Offline
Warning: I still have the MEAP V06 version, so some typos may not be there anymore.
BTW: this is the reason why I do not refer to page numbers.

## location ## errata --> corrige

## few lines before fig 6.4 ##
plot "data" u 1:2:($2-$5):($2+$5):3:4 w xyerrorl 
plot "data" u 1:2:($1-$5):($1+$5):3:4 w xyerrorl

## sect 5.1 ## moving on too --> moving on to

## Sect 5.5 - short after table 5.2 ## to broad to --> too broad to

## Sect 7.3.2 ## to equivalent ways --> two equivalent ways

One remark: apart the first, the others typos I ran into seem to come from homophones (like two, to, too)