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First of all thank you for this MEAP, this is book I was waiting for ! keep the good work smilie

In addtion to Couchbase and Riak, are there other "reactive" NoSQL databases (Akka- or Erlang/OTP-based) ?
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Glad to hear that you're enjoying it.

So, I think most distributed databases are attempting to achieve something like the reactive traits. I use Couchbase in this book, because I think that they do some very interesting things in their design that I wanted to share as part of a general discussion of distributed databases.

It's certainly not necessary for a database to be implemented using Erlang/OTP or Akka for it to be reactive. I would call out Cassandra as a good example of a reactive database, and it's implemented in Java.

And reactive is not something limited to NoSQL databases. CockroachDB is doing some awesome things that could be viewed as reactive, and it's a relational distributed database.

That said, I think that some databases try harder to achieve these desirable properties than others, so I think it's worthwhile to talk concretely about a given implementation and understand exactly what it does or doesn't give you. It was my hope that the section on databases was a useful example of how to think about the properties of distributed databases you want to have when implementing a reactive machine learning system.