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Hey there,
I have no idea about book writing, following is just based on my personal experience.

Recently bought the book and having fun with it so far. Just one thing about the Chapter 7 getJSON(...) examples, since it was my personal first "wall". It took me a long while (about an hour) to understand it, but when i finally realized it i was like "oh god no, this is brilliant, i am stupid". I didn't understand how the generator puts the result of a promise into a variable while "yielding" at the same time
var ninjas = yield getJSON(...)

At some point i switched my focus to the async function and like being hit by lighting i realized that it feeds the generator with the result of the last Promise resulting in a cycle.

Somewhere in the generators you throw an exception and say something like "Told you this will be useful". In this case a sentence like "Remember when we passed values to the Generator in <<InsertChapter>>?" would have helped, since, at least i think so, this is the critical point for the magic between Promises and Generators. The other critical point being, that a generator can be stopped, but you highlight that pretty often, so no problem there.

Best regards,

PS: Is this the kind of feedback you expect here? Furthermore i am reading the book on my Kindle Voyage, and sometimes the code formatting seems kind of odd. Do you care about that?

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Hi Jan,

Yes, that's exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for and I agree with the comment.

The book is now in production, and I think we'll be able to squeeze in some information that will clarify this.

As for the formatting, this should be fixed in the final version of the book.