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Just dropping in to the forums to say howdy. I'm Jeff Smith, the author of the book. I look forward to your feedback. Feel free to ping me here with any thoughts about the book.
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Hi Jeff,

As a novice can i expect to see some sample problems solved or is this book all about learning patterns and best practices.

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I'm a bit confused on what your specific question is.

All chapters except for Chapter 1 are full of (usually Scala) code implementing the concpepts being discussed. Several of those examples are programming patterns or are part of demonstrating how to use some larger architecture pattern, but I'm trying to provide implementations of everything where it would be relevant.

If you want a flavor of what the code looks like, you can check out the GitHub repo:

If your question is about exercises for you to solve on your own, that's an area that we're working on but don't have a lot of detail to share right now. There is one section of reactivities for you to explore on your own at the end of Chapter 3, but it's just our first stab at what might be worthwhile for readers of the book. More to come in that area.
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Please include the "reactivities" in all chapters xD, exercises are always fun and educational
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Glad to hear that you like the reactivities. They're definitely on the list to flesh out more, likely after initial versions of all of the chapters have been posted (fairly soon).