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Hey guys, thanks for putting this together! I'm very much enjoying the book.

I ran the code from listing 2.3 and it works like a charm, but in the sails console I get this warning when lifting my app:

debug: sails.sockets.id() is deprecated; use sails.sockets.getId() (see `http://sailsjs.org/documentation/concepts/upgrading/to-v-0-12`)

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We recently published v0.12 of Sails, which will be the reference version for the book. I'm in the process of reviewing each chapter and making appropriate changes. In the meantime, if you're running a later version (I believe v0.11.5 or later) you can update your brushfire/assets/js/sails.io.js file by typing
sails generate sails.io.js --force
from the terminal window which should fix the issue.

Best, Irl