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mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
In the first version, the histogram styles are discussed in chapter 5 ("Doing it with style"), but are not present in the MEAP's equivalent chapter 6 ("A catalog of styles"). This chapter says that the histogram style will be discussed in chapter 12, but it isn't. Will this style be discussed in the second edition?

The same reference mentions false color plots and heatmaps being discussed in chapter 10 and 11. Are these still planned? It does look like these might be in one of the appendixes that are not yet available. Are they planned for the print copy, or only the ebook version?

It looks like the coverage of 3d plots with the splot command is not present in the current version either. Is this still planned, and where will it occur?

I'd hate to see any of those topics removed from the second edition, as they are all very useful.

philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
The topics you mentioned are all still there in the new edition.
You will find them in Appendices C-F.

To keep the total page count of the print book under control,
these appendices are only available in the eBook version.
(You receive a copy of the eBook for free if you buy a print book.)

It was a difficult decision, but gnuplot's feature set has grown since
the first edition. By moving this material into the eBook version, we
were able to preserve it (and, in fact, extend it quite significantly!)
in the new edition as well.
mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, I have received the pdf book and understand that I will receive the print version later this month.

I am not real happy about those topics being ebook only, and don't see why they couldn't be kept in the print book (it looks like it would have added about 100 pages bringing to total to just over 500 - Manning published Groovy in Action with over 900 pages).

Other than that complaint, I am very happy with the book. Obviously it brings it up to date (as much as possible - there are quite a few new features currently in the development version), but I feel the quality of the text is much improved as well (although I felt the first edition was very high quality as well). Those appendices that appear only in ebook are excellent as well.

Overall, it has turned out very well.