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The callout "Log Odds" in section 1.2.2 says:
It turns out that the log(Odds) varies between -1 and 0.

It should be "... varies between -1 and 1."
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The arrows for New data and Answers in Figures 1.7, 1.12 and 1.13 point in different directions as compared to figure 2.1. I am inclined to think figure 2.1 has the correct flow; otherwise, the feedback loop for iterative improvements in figure 1.13 does not make sense.
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Just a note. A categorical variable with N levels should have N-1 binary variables.
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chapter 1 errata - German Credit Data unavailable
There appears to be a broken link. Footnote 5 on page 10 of Chapter 1 states that we can download the German Credit Data dataset from . This link successfully redirects to . Unfortunately, the top level domain ( ) only provides an error message stating "Unable to connect" . Does anybody know of another way to access this data set? Thanks.