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I'm interested in purchasing the MEAP.

Could you tell me what later chapters of the book might look like in terms of technical depth and complexity? It seems like we'll be building a movie recommendation system throughout the book with increasing sophistication. How good/practical will the finished product look like? I'm not expecting to be able to build the next recommender for Netflix but am hoping to get the nuts and bolts for something which a startup could deploy in production (with some work).

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Good question!

First of all thank you for considering my book!

The book will describe how to make a recommender system, in an Django site. But it is general enough to be applicable in any type of application not just python or Django. I dont describe a specific hardware or production environment as that is the topics of many books already.

The result of reading this book should be that you will have an understanding of what is needed to implement a recommender system, including what data to collect, how to analyse it, how to implement different algorithms, which are good for different types of data. It will also talk about how to evaluate recommender systems, and what things you can do to scale it.

I dont know what startup you are doing, so it is hard to say if you can apply it, but if you feel you need to add a recommender system, then I am writing the book for you smilie