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Hi I'm new to sbt and akka

Keep getting errors when following the instuctions to run chapter03_messagepassing code.

"To run our application, we will use Simple Build Tool or 'sbt' for short. We are not going to
go into detail about 'sbt' as that is beyond the scope of the book for now, but you can find
the full details and documentation at http://www.scala-sbt.org/. From a terminal window, we
change directory to the root application 'reactive-application-development-scala' and
type 'sbt' where you will see the following output:"

"From the '>' we type 'project chapter3_001_messaging' this will change the project to the
one we just laid out. Now we type 'run' and you should see the following:"


[error] /home/user/Documents/workspace-scalaz/reactive-application-development-scala/chapter3_001_messaging/src/main/scala/com/rarebooks/library/RareBooksApp.scala:27: not found: type Console
[error] class RareBooksApp(system: ActorSystem) extends Console {
[error] ^
[error] /home/user/Documents/workspace-scalaz/reactive-application-development-scala/chapter3_001_messaging/src/main/scala/com/rarebooks/library/RareBooksApp.scala:49: not found: value Command
[error] Command(StdIn.readLine()) match {
[error] ^
[error] /home/user/Documents/workspace-scalaz/reactive-application-development-scala/chapter3_001_messaging/src/main/scala/com/rarebooks/library/RareBooksApp.scala:50: not found: value Command
[error] case Command.Customer(count, odds, tolerance) =>
[error] ^
[error] /home/user/Documents/workspace-scalaz/reactive-application-development-scala/chapter3_001_messaging/src/main/scala/com/rarebooks/library/RareBooksApp.scala:53: not found: value Command
[error] case Command.Quit =>
[error] ^
[error] /home/user/Documents/workspace-scalaz/reactive-application-development-scala/chapter3_001_messaging/src/main/scala/com/rarebooks/library/RareBooksApp.scala:55: not found: value Command
[error] case Command.Unknown(command) =>
[error] ^
[error] 5 errors found
[error] (compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 6 s, completed Feb 2, 2016 12:09:55 AM

Scala version=2.11.7

Can I get some help?

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Please pull the latest, compile and run the example again.