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sguillory6 (28) [Avatar] Offline
There seem to have been quite a few changes between Angular2.alpha-37 and Angular2-beta-0 (the version being using in "Angular 2 Development with Typescript"). Do you intend to upgrade the version of Angular 2 in an update any time soon?

jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
There is a branch for chapter2 for the beta release that you can look at. There are only a few differences in the code and I've cleaned up some of the tooling.

Now that we're in beta, features will be deprecated so things should be less volatile for updating. We're working on new chapters and will be working on getting everything up to date with betas soon.
sguillory6 (28) [Avatar] Offline
Yes, I agree, the code changes were minimal (mainly around certain directives using hump-back case as opposed to hyphenated lower case). As I started upgrading to beta.0, the biggest issues were trying to get the get the gulpfile.js 'lib' task to place all the libraries in the right place in 'dist/lib'. I finally gave up because it was getting ridiculous. I notice that your beta0 branch no longer has a gulpfile.js and just uses 'npm start' to start the app, referencing dependencies in their original location under node_modules.

I've been meaning to migrate to gulp, and appreciate your use of it in the book. I hope you bring it back once the dust clears. :*)
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
I removed Gulp and went with the same pattern used in the Angular2 documentation site (at least for the moment). Eventually the Angular CLI will help manage all of these things, and I don't want to put too much effort into building a complex building tool when Angular will come with a fantastic solution out of the box. Also, Angular2 bundles have changed which makes the tooling that was originally setup no longer functional as you experienced.
418067 (1) [Avatar] Offline
The code is not compatible with angular 2.0.0-rc4 as of today. The book also needs to be updated.
430202 (4) [Avatar] Offline
The book need to be updated.
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477578 (8) [Avatar] Offline
There seem to have been quite a few changes between Angular2.alpha-37 and Angular2-beta-0 (the version being using in "Angular 2 ...
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