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What exactly is a Room Actor? Is it one of those RoomXAggregator in Fig 2.5? Or is it not depicted in there? Same goes for the View (Actor). It is fine to discuss their failure potential, but I'd prefer a proper introduction of them first, and (at best) a complete picture of our entire workflow (an updated Fig 2.5) as it has been devised by the end of Chapter 2.

Thank you very much. That's all for now from me.
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Yes, the room actor is the actor whose responsibility is to aggregate the data from all of the sensors which exist within a single room before passing it off onto an actor dedicated to serving this information to clients. By having a view actor dedicated to each individual view, we're able to really quickly retrieve the representation of the data for the user, ensuring that the user has the appearance of a responsive application since everything has already been precomputed.