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Thank you for this book!
There is a problem with file encoding, which i can't solve. I'm trying to generate code for "" with java/scala, using UTF 8 encoding, and then run it from gnu interactive mode:
gnuplot> set encoding utf8
gnuplot> show locale

        gnuplot LC_CTYPE   Russian_Russia.1251
        gnuplot encoding   utf8
        gnuplot LC_TIME    Russian_Russia.1251
        gnuplot LC_NUMERIC C

gnuplot> load ""  

gnuplot> cd 'C:\Users\Даниил\Documents\Ð?Ñ?пирантура\Графики\Piecewise\test'
         "", line 2: Can't change to this directory

Where Даниил realy is path text element in Russian language.
When i just copy generated code into GNU interactive application, plotting proceed fine, but '×' symbol is changed to '?'(see attachments). Where is my error?
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philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
That is odd. I wonder whether the problem lies with the underlying library that
gnuplot uses to implement the "cd" command, and not with gnuplot itself.

I see that you are on Windows, and I am not sure how gnuplot interacts with
the OS to navigate the file system in that case.

Have you tried to perform string operations (like: taking a substring) entirely
within gnuplot, using Cyrillic letters and UTF-8? Does that work?

philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
Regarding the "?" that shows up in the number format in your plot (as in 1.5?10^7) -
that may be because gnuplot can't find a font that supplies a glyph for the multiplication
cross. Can you place a label onto the plot that includes the multiplication cross?
Daniil (3) [Avatar] Offline
I assume that problem with console version, because there is manually changing UTF-8 encoding of console to 1251 (see attachment gnuplot console.png). The gnuplot command "set encoding" change encoding at terminals, not at command shell. '×' symbol changing to '?' at command shell or interactive mode, and then ? symbol comes to cairo terminal and terminal plot it.
If i change encoding of generated "" file to windows 1251, plot command work fine, except for ? instead ×.
I have managed to solve the first problem concerned with Cyrilic symbols. To do so I have changed command shell encoding to UTF-8 (code page 65001) and generate my "" 1251 encoding (as noted abode, gnuplot change UTF-8 to 1251 when starts). Gnuplot used to change previous encoding to encoding without Cyrillic symbols.