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I think the first sentence in section 2.4 would be better if it read

Although our dataset contains only four features at the moment, we might wonder why we can't simply collect hundreds or thousands of measurements of each of the flowers and let the algorithm do all of the work.

Adding the word "each" would make it clear that it's more information per flower, not the same information from more flowers. I didn't get this until I read the chapter the second time!

The book explains a broad swath of ideas simply and clearly. Still working to fully grok the pybrain example since I downloaded a .mobi and the text size can be adjusted but the code size cannot and the code is too tiny to read on my device. I will try a different format next time. (And yes, every "it's" should be "its". An editor will take care of that and remove redundant words. Not sure I like "whilst"; "while" is more common, but both are valid and maybe it's more your (British) style. (I am American). So far footnotes seem to be missing or just say n.d. (no date?)).
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Thank you for your interest in the book! I can confirm that I've changed this, so the final version will contain your suggestion. I agree it is much clearer now and less ambiguous.

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