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mirto (20) [Avatar] Offline
I was confused and cannot follow this section.

I was not able to write the files needed by docker build. I have some questions:

Which file names should have the three dockerfiles? (Pag. 51 multiple Dockerfile)

What should contain the package.json file used in listing 3.3?


aidanhs (25) [Avatar] Offline
Hi mirto

Sorry you found this technique confusing - the latest revision of the book currently contains an additional note:

.Simplified Dockerfiles
NOTE: These exampes are for elucidation purposes, and have been simplified
accordingly. Trying to run them directly won't necessarily work.

I'm not sure if this is in the version of the book you've been looking at.

In short, this technique is intended to demonstrate the principles behind splitting up a monolithic container - there are so many subtleties with different setups, it wouldn't be possible to cover all the fine detail! We're just trying to explain the key ideas behind the process. If you do want to try converting a monolithic container into microservices and would like additional help, feel free to post here or on the Docker mailing list!