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The parallelization error described in this chapter does not occur.

The algorithm described in this book counts words.
Every time a non-space with a space before it is found - the counter is increased.

		String dante = " they  had their faces twisted toward their haunches"
				+" and found it necessary to walk backward ";
		Stream<Character> streamDante = IntStream.range(0, dante.length()).mapToObj(dante::charAt);
		WordCounter counter = streamDante.parallel().reduce(new WordCounter(0, false), WordCounter::accumulate, WordCounter::combine);

	static class WordCounter{
		private final int counter;
		private final boolean lastSpace;
		public WordCounter(int counter, boolean lastSpace) {
			this.counter = counter;
			this.lastSpace = lastSpace;
		public WordCounter accumulate(Character c) {
				return lastSpace ? 
							this :
							new WordCounter(counter, true);
				return lastSpace ? 
							new WordCounter(counter+1, false) :
		public WordCounter combine(WordCounter w){
			return new WordCounter(counter+w.counter, lastSpace);
		public int getCounter() {
			return counter;

Author mentions a parallelization problem:
Evidently something has gone wrong, but what? The problem isn’t hard to discover. Because the
original String is split at arbitrary positions, sometimes a word is divided in two and then
counted twice.

This never happens, when the algorithm is executed on a parallel stream.
The counter is increased, only if a space-nonspace combination is found.
You can not make the algorithm find more words, by dividing any words.
You can only make it find LESS words, by dividing the space-nonspace combinations.

So no words are counted twice after division.