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When working in chapter 6 the git diff does not give me any information about the hunk.
@@ -1 +1,2 @@

I'm working in windows. Thanks!
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In your post, is the example you provided something that you are seeing? If not, it would be helpful to see what you see, perhaps via copy/paste of what is in your Windows terminal/Git Bash, or a screen shot.

If the example you provided is what you're seeing, then that is all the information you're supposed to see. The hunk (the two lines following the '@@') contains what is different.

If instead you do not get any output when you type 'git diff', then chances are you haven't made a change you in your repository.

Let us know!
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Realized my error. I was using tab complete and accidentally hit "git stash." Spent a day troubleshooting this.

Also, great book. I've been blogging about using your book with PowerShell and its the first time that I'm actually getting it!
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Thanks for your note! Where you blogging about this? You can post a link here. I'll be happy to Tweet this out!