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I followed the instructions Listing 2.3, and am going to start over again trying ever so meticulous, but I could not recreate Figure 2.15.

So, I may just not be doing it right, which is most likely. But if you could look to see if anything was left out.

No worries, thanks.
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As is typical, I did not type in the test.js contents correctly. I indented the first statement and saw my bracket position was not correct.

But I am getting an error in the console: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (not found)

Just an FYI. Thanks.
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Thanks for pointing this out. This is a link to a css file that is used with the start page of each project. It's been fixed in a later version that we'll be using with the book. Also it doesn't affect anything we're working on.

Best, Irl