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I don't catch, perhaps as a newbie I'm not specialized enough, but why taking the risk of loosing the center point of the book and so early in the reading.
No explaination on why we will need to use neither Bower nor Zepto.....
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline

Thanks for the post. Bower is a package manager for client-side JavaScript libraries. It was used as a way of simplifying the installation of the client-side JavaScript libraries for the application. I will make sure that this explanation is added into the book.

Zepto is a JavaScript library that implements a jQuery-compatible API, and it smaller in file size compared to jQuery. It is used as a simple library to handle the manipulation of HTML content on the application screen.

I presumed that the book audience would have knowledge of such technologies, but thank you for making the point - I will add it in. I've tried to use simple tools that the majority of people will either know or have experience with, rather than using tools like ES6 and React, which are very much the in-fashion tools to use, but I wouldn't want to add learning those tools on top of learning everything else that the books tried to teach about.
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I understand your answer, But what I realy want to point out is the fact that actually nobody is able to demonstrate or explain simply any new technology without introducing other ones. We are in the reign of always more news always plus...and everybody bringing it's new brick. How can we concentrate on our real job which is to satisfy our customer by building app which satisfy request if we spend our time to learn every day another utility or framework.Personally I found NW.js a real good tech for doing multiplatform app and keeping the people inside their knowledge (web, jes etc) sphere, but I feel mad when exposed to so many different install: learning is not a full time job...
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
I understand where you're comping from, I've tried not to include too many other tools in there, but I will take your feedback on board and see if I can rationalize the example's use of external libraries a bit more.
Jasmine (7) [Avatar] Offline
Hi there,

Might I suggest in addition to explaining the role of Bower in your examples also giving examples for other common tools? For users who are familiar with them, it will give them another mental connection to make. For other users it may be empowering to see the book showing there are many solutions to this problem, and we are going to focus on this one, and have it feel more acceptable.

Some examples include just mentioning `npm install zepo` or mentioning you can download and install these files manually, but we'll just use a package manager to focus on the real task at hand.

I think that's the core idea, clarify that you are not even so far as suggesting users use bower or zepto, but that they are used to grease the wheels for the real lesson. Helping users see that "npm and jquery" are interchangeable here or something might make a lot of sense to people.

Hope that makes sense and is helpful!
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for your suggestions, and I will add those in. I may end up using npm in place of bower for the app examples, it will reduce the number of moving parts that users will have to install to run through the application examples.

Zepto is essentially interchangeable with jQuery, but less well-known, so I may opt for using jQuery.
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
Hi everyone,

An update. In the latest version of the book (pushed to Nuxeo but not yet MEAPed), I've removed the need for Bower from the application, and replaced Zepto with jQuery in order to provide something a bit more familiar.


Paul Jensen
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I really appreciate these efforts.
dhurtt (9) [Avatar] Offline
Zetpo did not bother me and jQuery is a pig. Too many other libs use Bower for installation, so I installed that some time ago. Six of one, half dozen of the other.
paulbjensen (39) [Avatar] Offline
A further update, due to the 0.14 release of NW.js breaking the app, I've replaced jQuery entirely with plain old JavaScript. It means one less dependency to install (the only external front-end dependency now is Lunr.js).

With regards to Zepto/jQuery, Zepto is very much the diet Coke to jQuery's Coca Cola - I found it to be a nice alternative though in truth the impact on a desktop app is minimal given that the assets are loading from the hard disk.