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mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
Is there supposed to be an epub available for this title like the pdf is? I bought the MEAP (print + ebook) and have a link for the pdf under my account but not the epub. Is it supposed to be available right now?
Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline

You are right. I only see the PDF myself.

I have contacted Manning and I will let you know the status of the epub.

As far as I know both epub and kindle formats should be available as well (and not just the PDF as it is now)

Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline

I got the official answer from Manning.

The Kindle file is estimated to be ready at 18th January 2016
The epub format is estimated to be ready before the end of January.

So to answer your original question. Yes an epub is in the works, it is just not ready yet!


jmgimeno (69) [Avatar] Offline
Today is Feb 16 and no sign of epub nor mobi.
Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline
Hello all

Sorry for this delay, but the output formats are outside of my control.
I will contact Manning again and ask them for an update on this matter.

Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline
Ok, new update from Manning. This time on the web page: so it doesn't get any more official than this.

Printed book: March 21 2016

ePub + kindle: March 22 2016
mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
I have now received the printed book and the final pdf, but the epub is still not available and the official date is passed. When should the epub be available?
Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline

I am really sorry for this delay.

I have contacted Manning again on your behalf. They informed me that the ebub/kindle formats are 100% ready and are now under review.
The answer from them is that they should be released before the 15th of April (possible even earlier)

Kostis Kapelonis (63) [Avatar] Offline
[ 12 KB ]
Hello again

The epub is now available and should be visible in your account!


mhalver (35) [Avatar] Offline
It is available now!

However, there is a slight (not serious but inconvenient) problem with the file that I noted in this thread with the description in the metadata. It isn't serious, and doesn't affect readability of the book, but it means that e-readers can't extract anything useful from that field.