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I know this book is focused on Rx, but it would be great if there could be a small chapter or section that shows practical usage of the Interactive Extensions (Ix). Being so related to Rx, it's a shame that Ix gets no good coverage anywhere. Some short examples of AsyncEnumerable for instance would be great.
Tamir Dresher (35) [Avatar] Offline
I Agree, Ix doesn't get the respect it deserves and not enough coverage as there should be.
I'll do my best to add some info about it, especially around the AsyncEnumerable and its relation to Backpressure

Thanks for your comment
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Any update on this idea ?
Tamir Dresher (35) [Avatar] Offline
I'm afraid that Ix has a lower priority at the moment and it is not planned to be added.
This might change but i can't guarantee
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Hi, the Ix section or charpter would be nice

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