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Useful book, I'm enjoying it, thank you!

In a couple of places in the code, when you're in directHmdMode, or not in extendedMode, you call on getSecondaryScreenPosition().

getSecondaryScreenPosition() Finds the largest monitor that isn't the primary display, and returns it as the secondary monitor, hopfully the Rift. The function has the Rift's dimensions, but doesn't use them to find the monitor.

I'm not following the logic - why assume that the rift is the largest other monitor? Why not find the (say first) monitor that's Rift-sized? Or have I misunderstood what some of the values represent there?

Thank you.
-- Peter.

EDIT: I asked my question while I was still in Chapter 3, and I've now read the comments in Chapter 4, section 4.1.4, page 129. Relevant bit: "takes as input the desired size of the window and attempts to find a monitor that's big enough to place it on". That doesn't answer my question, but I wanted to reference the most relevant section.