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The next MEAP update should be out in about a week. Watch your email for updates (if you've purchased Learn Go and subscribed to notifications).

"Chapter 4 puts every collection on display. Use structures, arrays, and maps to navigate the surface of Mars, terraform the solar system, tally up temperatures, and simulate the Game of Life."

In addition to Chapter 4, every chapter has seen the addition of questions & answers alongside the exercises. I've also reorganized some sections of Chapter 2, and Olga has provided several more illustrations. The full change list follows:

All chapters:
* Additional illustrations.
* Questions and answers.
* Change formatting for experiments.
* Converted figures to black & white PNGs.
* Minor revisions.

Front matter
* New welcome letter for MEAP and sample chapter.
* Acknowledgements added.
* Mention solutions to exercises.
* Additional footnotes.

Chapter 1
* Rename and revise sidebar "the one true brace style".
* Add Malacandra exercise.

Chapter 2
* Revise introduction to types, move "Types don't mix" to type conversions section.
* Add Strings section with runes and bytes below it.
* Move type conversions section to later in the chapter.

Chapter 3
* Additional paragraph introducing Methods.

Chapter 4 added.

Finally, I've decided to drop Appendix B, which was to be a dedicated section on tools. Instead, I see the tools being covered as needed in the testing and packages chapters, and as part of setup in Appendix A.
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Chapter 4 is available in the MEAP: