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I'd like to know if there is an established format for reporting comments, corrections, grammatical errors, etc. on the book. Is there a standard subject line format? Any hints on how to report the location in the book or the important info to include in the body of the comment?

For example, the scala tip included after image 1.6 references the `generateAuditLog` function which hasn't been introduced at that point. It would be good to update the text in the scala tip by removing the reference to `generateAuditLog` or provide the code for `geneateAuditLog` prior to that tip.

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Hi -

Thanks for reporting your thoughts. The usual practice is to report any comment here in the forum. Alternatively you can also report it as an issue in the github report https://github.com/debasishg/frdomain, which is the repo for the online code base accompanying the book.