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In Section 2.1.3 Pushing Data from Smart Things and Smart Gateways, you might want to add a section on Webpush and service workers. Web Push (http://www.w3.org/TR/push-api/) is in draft and implemented on Chrome and in Firefox 44 (January 2015 general release). It is immature today, but up-and-coming, and together with service workers should offer a solution in this space in 2016. There is some sample Push code here: https://www.serviceworke.rs that some of my colleagues at Mozilla are working on.
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Thanks a lot for pointing us at that. We had seen it but never actively followed. How do you see these solutions compete and complete eachother in the near future. I'm thinking about HTTP/2 Push vs Websockets vs Server Sent Events + Push API?

The book is at a pretty advanced stage, going into production real soon but we might still be able to add a link to it.