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Hey Rick,

I bogged down in Chapter 2 on page 19, bottom of page. When I click the "clone" button I get the error message displayed in the attached file.

Since other participants in Get Lunch, Season 1 have not yet reported in past Chapter 1, this might be a minor sticking point for your readers.

Your advice is welcome.


rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Gene,

That is an interesting error!

As a quick work around for now, try the non-SSL URL to the repository:

(The only difference is that the above URL uses http instead of https.)

I suspect that the non-SSL URL will work because the error message in your screen shot references "CAfile" and "CApath", which suggest an SSL issue.

Two questions that could help me dig into this further:

1) Does the SSL URL (https) work on the command line?

2) If you could repeat the 'git gui' error, scroll to the right so I can see the error message from git gui. (In the screen shot, it shows the message "fatal: unable to access '", but I want to see what is to the right of this message.

Thank you!
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Hey Rick,

So far I am unable to replicate the above error to provide you with additional info.

Instead, I have a new error, whether I use https or http. Screen shots (1 and 2) attached.

I find page 19 confusing. If I select Create New Directory first, then Clone Existing Repository next, I get another error (3), so Create New Directory does not appear to be a valid choice on a Windows 8.1 machine.

I'll keep trying.


rickumali (134) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Gene,

I think I spotted an error in the book that may be contributing to the confusion. In the first text on p. 19, I wrote "open the Git GUI tool and select Create New Repository." However, in the next paragraph below the Windows Notes and Mac Notes, I wrote "Click in the Clone Existing Repository text box, and type the source URL..."

That first text should read "open the Git GUI tool and select Clone Existing Repository." The second text should be "In the dialog box, after pressing Clone Existing Repository, type the source URL...".

There's no need to create a new repository first, and if you had selected that, it could have resulted in the umali_3.png picture you attached.

The errors raised in umali_1.png and umali_2.png were both "fatal: bad config file line 1 in C:\Users\Owner/.gitconfig". This is a new error to me, but luckily for us it points to the offending file. Using Explorer, copy this file to another filename, and then delete it. This should enable you to get past that error.

After taking care of the .gitconfig error, select Clone Existing Repository, and for the "Target Directory" field, enter a random name that is not an existing directory. This should properly clone the repository from GitHub.

Please let us know how this works, and I will be entering this into the Errata thread.

Thank you, Gene!