echeadle (87) [Avatar] Offline
The quickwire function does not seem to work.

You need to change the following line found in src/gpio-admin.c from:

int size = snprintf(path, PATH_MAX, "/sys/devices/virtual/gpio/gpio%u/%s", pin, filename);


int size = snprintf(path, PATH_MAX, "/sys/class/gpio/gpio%u/%s", pin, filename);

After this is done then you can run make and make install etc...
Vlad Trifa (16) [Avatar] Offline
Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback.

We decided to switch to onoff instead of pi-gpio, as it's simpler to use and good enough for what we wanted to show. You should have the newer version in the next meap release.

Let us know if you see anything else wrong with our code!
Rich E (10) [Avatar] Offline
MEAP hasn't been updated since December and it still has the old code in it. Not being able to do the "Hello-world" is kind of a big deal. Any idea when we're going to get an update to the book so the exercise work properly?
domguinard (69) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Rich,

I understand you are eager to see a new release, so are we!
Basically we are so close to the final release that it was decided not to push a MEAP release before. The final release is a matter of a couple of weeks now.
In terms of the code of chapter 4 all the examples have been ported to onoff, you can find the code here:

Thanks a lot for your patience.