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I'm using a MacBook running OS X 10.9.5.

Tried to follow the instructions on Page 19 for cloning your website and I'm getting the following errors inside the Git Gui (screenshot also attached)...

fatal: Couldn't find remote ref HEAD
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.
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I examined your error closely, and noticed the following:


In the highlighted image, the red box (pointed to by the red arrow) shows that your home directory is somehow a part of the clone URL! If I'm reading this correctly, you are typing the equivalent of:

git clone /Users/alejandro/Z/https:/github.com/rickumali/RickUmaliVanityWebsite.git

Your git clone window (figure 2.14 in the book) should be just the https part. Also, two slashes (//) follow the https, not one.

Git this a try again, making your git clone window look like figure 2.14 (substituting your directory of course).

Good luck with this, and thank you for trying out the exercise!
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Thank you for the fast response to my posting. I am copying in the full URL from your Github listing as the source. I don't understand why the error message in the screenshot I provided indicates that mangled URL that seems to concatenate your URL and my local directory. Very odd.

Out of curiosity I also tried cloning from the command line and that failed as well. I got the following error...
The-Matrix:z alejandro$ git clone https://github.com/rickumali/RickUmaliVanityWebsite.git
Cloning into 'RickUmaliVanityWebsite'...
fatal: I don't handle protocol '/Users/alejandro/z/https'

I have an different MacBook that I can try this on. I will post back later to let you know if that works.