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echeadle (87) [Avatar] Offline
I just installed node on my Raspberry PI from the node.js website. Have not done anything with it, I just started reading the book and have to order parts, but Node seems to work. On the website in the book ( I saw messages about issues the maintainer was having. I looked io.js, it said they had re-merged with Node and when I stopped off at Nodejs they had method to install on ARM processors.

So far it is working. Once I get some of the parts found in the shopping list I will be better able to say if the version of node works with the book.

Also I like Newark a lot, but the links on the shopping page go to the community sight and a search for the motion sensor did not turn up anything. I contacted them and they had the ADAfruit version of the motion sensor, but they don't stock it and it does not turn up in the searches. Be nice if the shopping list links went to the items on the website like they do with ebay.

echeadle (87) [Avatar] Offline
I am running node version v4.2.1 on my pi and all the examples so far seem to work fine. The quickwire source needs to be updated to work as I state in another post, but so far everything is working.

At RadioShack I found a breadboard, PIR and led's that work, but no humidity sensor. The pins on the RadioShack PIR are different than the one shown in the book. Labeling the diagram a bit better might make it easier for novices. I have the humidity sensor on order, so I have not tested it yet. So far, things are moving along and the book's information have made it easy to get things running.

All in all things are progressing nicely. I worked through chapter 5 and 6 which were fascinating. I am into chapter 7 and working on the code found in the chapter.

Vlad Trifa (16) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the kind words and glad you're enjoying it!

You're correct - we'll be working on putting links to the right products on our shopping list. As a lot of the material was under construction we didn't give enough love to that, but we'll soon update all links to work!