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After reading Chapter 1, I found out that the material discussed is quite similar to this book:

Angular 2 Development with TypeScript

Will other chapters also be the similar case?
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Hi there,

We are working to ensure the content of the two books differ, and Angular 2 in Action is focused in a deeper dive into all aspects of Angular 2. There is some fundamental content that will be in both books (as you might expect), but this book plans to dive deeper into the larger ecosystem. I don't want to step on the toes of the other book, so I'm also checking with my editor to get an even more clear answer.

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Please include the part about "Material Design"... smilie
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Material design, server side rendering, mobile functionality, etc. Yes, we've got our minds open to all kinds of topics. Since Angular 2 is no longer just a framework but a platform of tools, we want to ensure we cover as much of it as makes sense. There always has to be a line between what makes it and what doesn't, and at this point we're not able to commit to any of the various ecosystem features. However, I really want to ensure the book covers everything for professional level Angular 2 development, and we're learning more about what that looks like all the time.

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I have read this chapter. The part of "Let + Const" (page 17), could you put the output for the example's scripts, for a better understanding please (just like the previous examples)?

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Chapter 1. The name of this book signifies "The Preacher." The wisdom of God here preaches to us, speaking by Solomon, who it is evident was the author.
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Please include the part about "Material Design"... smilie

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