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Hello, i want to know more about phonegap? Is the code for cordova works on phonegap? What features did adobe add ? Is it worth the money ?

Thanks for any insight..
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PhoneGap today is a platform for building, distributing, and managing applications. Cordova is the open source foundational part of the platform that Ionic leverages, and does not cost anything. Unfortunately the PhoneGap site is very confusing about what parts are the open source Cordova and what parts are the PhoneGap premium features.

My basic take on using a service like PhoneGap is try to do it yourself first without any of the services, and when you need a service (such as to send push notifications or need a better building mechanism) then look at the services and pick one.

I've not personally used PhoneGap's services. I cannot speak to them, but it is used by many. There are several other options as well, none of which I've personally used (besides the Ionic Platform)

The Ionic Platform (not covered in the book much, most of it is very new) also does many of the same things, and more features are still planned. http://ionic.io